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Front Door Colors

Your home is a source of pride and reflects your personality. You've worked hard to create a space just for you as well as a friendly place for visitors. A beautiful front door welcomes friends and family and can set the tone of your home. Different front door colors are an easy way to add that special touch that everyone will enjoy and remember. Choosing the right front door paint colors adds personality and uniqueness without a lot of cost. In addition, it’s easy to change front door colors and get a whole different look as the seasons and your mood evolve.

Front Door Colors - Red

One of the classic front door paint colors is red. A deep barn red, a pop of cherry red or even a red that is bordering on maroon are great choices for a front door. What a wonderful way to show the world the passion and life you have in your home! Red is full of positive energy. It's no wonder it is one of the favorite colors in the world.

Front Door Colors - Yellow

Yellow is another one of the fantastic front door paint colors. A bright, lemon yellow or a more subdued ochre will capture the attention of your visitors. Yellow is such a cheerful color. It creates a sunny warmth that is irresistible. Yellow will make you and everyone smile and project a contagious joy from the very first glance.

Front Door Colors - Green

Or how about a front door in green? A darker green adds a touch of nature and the healing ambiance of a pine forest. A peaceful, olive green gives a calm air to your entrance and is the perfect backdrop for a brightly colored wreath or some flower pots full of summer pansies.

Front Door Colors - Blue

And who could forget blue paint colors? There are so many shades of this lovely color, you may have a hard time choosing. An electric blue gives a crackle of energy mixed with action and excitement. Light blue is serene and calm and almost floats. Navy blue will remind you of the sky and sea where the world is open and free and full of possibilities.

Front Door Colors - Reflect Your Personality

Front door colors can change the personality of a home in an afternoon. Reflect on how you would like people to feel as they approach your home and choose front door paint colors accordingly. Be sure to remember the feelings and impressions of the most important person, the one who sees the door the most: you!

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