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Kitchen Colors In 2020

Kitchen Colors 2020

Those looking to revamp their kitchen in 2020 should look to muted and nature paint colors, according to home decorators. Traditional Italian and French interior paint colors, such as reds and yellows, are out. Blues, greens and neutral paint colors are in.


White & Neutral Paint Colors 

Some may still like white kitchen paint colors, but pure white is also off the 2020 trending list. Replacing it are stone colors, like hues of whites, grays and browns. Many of these white paint colors have hints of other colors in them. So, you could have a cool kitchen color with hints of blue or yellow in a white. Another popular neutral color trend is a monochromatic design for kitchens. In this trend, walls, cabinets and furnishings are all in the same paint color scheme, although some elements may be richer in the paint color than others. An example is an beige wall, brown cabinets and a deeper brown for floors, counters and kitchen table. The same type of look can be accomplished with grays, which typically results in a more industrialized, contemporary look. Some use these design technique to achieve a high-end hotel look with simple, white, streamlined, padded chic dining chairs around a modern table. These tones can also work for the more traditional minded. Those wanting a more farmhouse look can pick out a country or farm table as a centerpiece and add lighter toned accessories around the space to tie in the overall look.

Saturated Kitchen Colors

Those who long for color in 2020 will have a variety of deep colors from which to choose. The overall style for this year is rich, saturated colors rather than bright hues. While blue paint colors are typically not considered for kitchens because science proved they actually reduce appetite, designers are using deep blues this year for a clean, modern look. Another popular trend are greens, ranging from a deep forest tone to water tones that resonate with beach lovers. This is quite a switch from bright, cheery kitchens many grew up in. Yet, the new look creates an elegant, sophisticated look urban career professionals love.

Kitchen Paint Colors 2020 

Kitchen design for 2020 falls into two categories. One is minimalist, urban and streamlined. The other is adding a vintage flair. Either can be accomplished with any paint color you choose by adding accessories. Things like flour and sugar containers, display plates and even appliances can be found in either the modern or vintage designs. Once you determine your personal style, you can call for a kitchen redo and add the color and style that makes your family comfortable and your heart happy.

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