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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Colors

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Colors - Inviting and comfortable.

The kitchen is the place in your home where everyone gathers, so creating a space where the whole family can relax, enjoy, and spend quality time together is important. The right paint color can help your kitchen be inviting and welcoming. We've chosen a few of the very best paint colors to give your kitchen that Modern Farmhouse vibe.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Colors - 1. Aria

Just because something is modern, it does not mean it will be boring. The paint color Aria has the lightness and softness of the color white, but with hint of grey to set itself apart. This paint color brightens the kitchen and blends well with other colors, especially gray and tan. Aria pairs well with wooden furniture, creating the modern farmhouse aesthetic, and making your kitchen look modern and bright.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Colors - 2. Babbling Brook

Babbling Brook is a mix of grey and green that is cool, relaxing and contemporary. This calming color pairs well with with off-white paint colors or different shades of brown that will make your kitchen feel warm and welcoming. For a cool, soothing kitchen, choose Babbling Brook.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Colors - 3. May Apple

Here is a color that fits the kitchen area with its very name. May Apple is a pastel green paint color that can be compared to a green apple or mint. Pair this color with white and darker shades of green paint colors to inspire the serene feeling of being with nature. Whether it is to brighten the kitchen or relax the guests, May Apple is a sweet color that's sure to please.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Colors - 4. Citrus Punch

Most modern farmhouse kitchen paint colors are light and subtle. But like its name, Citrus Punch packs a punch and invites people in with its vibrancy. The color of the sun and lemons, Citrus Punch will make the kitchen look sunny and exciting when cooking. It pairs well with white and light blue, keeping the kitchen bright and colorful. Choose Citrus Punch for its striking color and unique shade.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Colors Give a Warm Welcome 

The kitchen is the center of every home, providing the gathering place for families and friends. Choose any of these modern farmhouse kitchen paint colors to make your kitchen feel warm, inviting and welcoming - like home. 

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