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Top Living Room Colors

Top Living Room Colors - Green

Green is a great choice for a living room. You may choose a very pale mint green for a living room that's short on windows to help lighten it up. Moss Point Green feels surprisingly neutral and can work as a background to other strong colors or wood finishes you may have in the room. Midnight Clover green could be a terrific accent wall. The great thing about green is while it is very vibrant, it still feels relaxing and welcoming. Since green is such a natural color, it seems organic in almost every room. Green living room colors are a fun choice for a family home where the living room is really for living not just for show. 

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Top Living Room Colors - Gray

Design experts predict that after many years of seeing cool grays as one of the most popular choices of colors for living rooms, warm grays are now moving into fashion. These mushroom-like colors are a warm, neutral alternative to off-white or cream. They're so versatile most pieces of furniture probably won't even need to be switched out. These warm grays are a sophisticated, confident choice and work great with almost any kind of existing decor. This color is cozy and refined all at once. Warm grays are also an excellent choice if you have several pieces of bold decor that you'd like to showcase, as the gray's neutral qualities let other pieces shine. 

Top Living Room Colors - Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are very on-trend this year. These deep tones are often much darker than what people are used to in colors for living rooms, but the risk can pay off. Purple is the most popular of these tones, and while it might seem too strong for the average living room, it can work surprisingly well, as long as your space has enough light. Royal Indigo in a living room is calming and feels luxurious to come home to. There's a reason this is the color of royalty. 

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Top Living Room Colors - Blues

Dusky blues are seeing a surge in popularity this year. Blue is such a comforting, relaxing color and the newer, dusky versions add a depth that is elegant and welcoming at the same time. These beautiful blue tones are especially well-suited for a more informal living room and are particularly popular in a country or beach house. Of course, you don't have to have a second home to love this dusky blue. These blues can range from practically pastel, for those who are feeling a little commitment-phobic, to very dark, almost like a thundercloud, for those who can't get enough dusky blue. Again, this is a color that works much like a neutral in many homes. The well-known relaxing and harmonious qualities of the color blue make it even easier to go more dramatic than you would have thought possible. 

Living room colors can be as different as the families that do their living in them! Choose 2018's most popular color and "Go Green" to add a pulse of stylish fun to your living room. A warm gray can be a strikingly sophisticated neutral for your living room. Deep purple jewel tones can be worth the risk to turn your living room into a cozy, regal sanctuary. Finally, dusky blues are a calming, relaxing choice for a more informal living room.

We hope you have the courage to try some of these new, bold colors. 
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