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Bedroom Colors For Your Home

Use Color to Set the Mood and Create a Restful Home Haven

Bedrooms are much more than simply a place to lay your head. They can become a private sanctuary of sorts, so choosing the right bedroom paint colors can help make your special space a perfectly inviting reflection of your own style and personality. As with any room of the house, the color palette surrounding you will help define the mood and energy level of the room. When selecting bedroom paint colors, consider the vibe you want to set. Are you looking to create a relaxing and refreshing feel or perhaps to set a more romantic tone? You will also want to consider the furniture and artwork in the room and choose a paint color that complements your favorite design elements. Glidden offers a wide variety of paint color selections to help make any bedroom into an ideal retreat.


Bedroom Colors For Your Home - Pastels

If you are hoping to create a beautifully restful mood to escape from the stresses of the day and sleep like a baby, consider the power of pastels. Typically, these lighter shades create a sense of peace and calm but can also lend an air of elegance to your bedroom. The serene pale blue of Glidden’s Blue Dolphin or the gentle green of Floral Bouquet used as your bedroom colors cast a relaxing spell around the entire space. A perky pink, such as Velveteen Crush, is also a great pastel choice to add a touch of warmth to the relaxing color-scape. When making your selection, you might be able to find your perfect pastel bedroom colors by finding similarly colored accents in your existing bedding or bedroom décor.

Bedroom Colors For Your Home - Neutrals

Make your bedroom feel clean and renewed by trying bedroom paint colors in traditional or modern neutral tones. This can vary from light whites to deep, rich browns and grays depending on your personal taste. Plus, neutrals are a great selection to match any style or pattern already present in your bedroom furniture and accents. To create an airy, crisp feel in your bedroom paint colors, think about using Glidden’s lovely light gray Whiskers or Silent Storm shades. A beige can also be a great choice for comforting bedroom colors in a tone such as Dusty Trail or Spiced Vinegar. Or you may want to bring a darker palette of neutrals into your bedroom to create a rich evening hue while still enjoying the versatility of a neutral color. Try a darker tint like Warrior or Caravel Brown to complete your walls.

Bedroom Colors For Your Home - Jewel Tones

If your home décor style walks a little more on the wide side, other more colorful and vibrant shades may be a good fit for your bedroom colors. Deep jewel tones in reds or greens can create an intense, romantic atmosphere while also developing a warm aura for the entire room. Try the intensity of Burgundy Wine for red hot flair or the deep-sea shades of Blue Jewel or Deep Veridian to wrap your room in provocative color. When choosing a darker color for your bedroom walls, you will want to consider the size of the room, as darker colors tend to pull the room in and make it feel a bit smaller. Also be aware of your décor and furniture so you can be sure to choose a vivid shade that compliments the existing elements in a beautiful way.

Bedroom Colors For Your Home - Accent Walls

When thinking through your bedroom color choices, be aware that you do not have to go all in on your color selection. If you are drawn to a certain rich, darker color but are afraid to pull the trigger, consider using it on only one wall in the room and strategically create a bright accent wall. Often accent walls can be a lovely backdrop directly behind the headboard of the bed creating a colorful focal point for the room. Color can also be a fun addition to the ceiling of your bedroom, whether you choose an open sky scheme such as Colonial Aqua or an intense plunge of color in a rich Gooseberry.

Bedroom Colors For Your Home - A Personal Choice

The key is always to be creative and choose the colors that tickle your own personal fancy. The perfect bedroom paint colors can help you create the intimate sanctuary most suited to your own health, happiness and relaxation.


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