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Bedroom Colors - Tips for Painting Your Bedroom

Bedroom Colors - Tips for Painting Your Bedroom: Choosing the Best Color for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you spend one-third of your life sleeping and relaxing. That said, your bedroom could probably do with a new coat of paint. Every few years, or at least once a decade, you should attempt to update your bedroom to make it more modern and more inviting. You can do that easily with a fresh coat of paint.

A new coat of paint can change the whole way a room looks and feels. Pick just the right paint color and you may find that you sleep better or feel more refreshed upon waking. Color has that much power over the human psyche, which is why new paint on your bedroom walls can make such a dramatic difference. Here are some paint color families to consider, plus a couple you should avoid for your bedroom.

Bedroom Colors - Tips for Painting Your Bedroom: Greens

Actors and actresses have known for a very long time that green is a soothing color. They specifically have a room backstage at every live production called a "green room" because traditionally it was painted green. Depending on the shade or tint of green paint color you select for your bedroom, you may find that it is relaxing, refreshing, or invigorating.

Relaxing greens are soft or somewhat muted. Refreshing greens are a little more vibrant. Invigorating greens are bright, bold, and in charge. Choose a subsect of the green paint family that speaks to your senses for bedroom colors.

Bedroom Colors - Tips for Painting Your Bedroom: Blues

Scientists have studied the effects of color on humans and have determined that blues are the most soothing or relaxing. However, that may vary depending on the shades or tints of blue. Some people find blue paint colors too depressing as it is commonly associated with being or feeling "blue." However, lighter blues are calming, while darker blues might send you into a funk. Choose wisely.

Bedroom Colors - Tips for Painting Your Bedroom: Neutrals

Much like their category, neutral paint colors typically emote a very neutral emotion. People generally feel as though they are not happy or sad, angry or frustrated, etc., in a room of a neutral paint color. However, if you paint your bedroom a neutral color, try to bring some other colors into the room via carpeting, drapes, bed linens, etc., so that the whole scene doesn't end up looking like an old sienna-toned photograph.

Another option with neutral bedroom colors is to choose a neutral that has just a hint of another color. Rather than go flat beige, opt for a mossy beige that has a hint of green in it. This creates a visual space that doesn't seem flat, but more dimensional.

Bedroom Colors - Tips for Painting Your Bedroom: Aquas

You may be wondering why anyone would choose aqua for a bedroom paint color, much less a paint color for any other room. Truth be told, this color typically combines the best of both worlds between the blue color family and the green color family. It's that melding that produces another color that is very soothing, relaxing, and refreshing all in one. When you want more than just one sense of being in your bedroom, the aqua paint family can provide just that.

Bedroom Colors - Tips for Painting Your Bedroom: Colors to Avoid

It's pretty common for some people to choose dark bedroom colors and potentially unfriendly colors for a bedroom. To each his own, of course, but you might want to avoid certain color families. For example, black paint colors are too dark and often too morbid or morose by themselves. Black works best when it is part of a design in conjunction with other color families.

Red paint colors can often be too energetic for bedrooms. The exceptions to the red rule are pinks or softer, rosier shades of muted red. Hence bedroom colors involving red might want to be left on the store shelves.

Grays as bedroom colors are not always pleasant either. Gray paint colors can be associated with a drab, overcast, sunless day, so a gray room might induce sleep but it wouldn't be pleasant to look at.

Bedroom Colors - Tips for Painting Your Bedroom: Once You've Picked Your Color, You Can Hire a Painter

Buy at least two or three gallons of the color you have chosen for your bedroom. Then hire a painting crew. The crew will need that many gallons in order to coat the walls and ceiling with two coats. The only exception is if you choose to leave the ceiling white to make the room appear larger.


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