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Going Greige: Why This Warm Gray Is the Ideal Color for Your Home

If you've been looking for a new paint color for the walls in your home, greige may be the answer. This color is referred to as a "warm" gray, even though gray is technically on the cooler side of the color wheel. Greige is essentially a combination of gray and beige tones and is a neutral hue that will add interest to any home while allowing you to decorate with a variety of warm and cool colors. Whether your style is eclectic and attention-getting or subdued and minimalist, there are several greige paint colors that will make any room in your home stand out.

Going Greige - Bedroom

Your bedroom should be the place where you can relax at the end of a long day. It should also be relaxing and tranquil so you can get a good night's sleep each night. While your bedding, aromatherapy, and even the right music choices can make the bedroom your personal oasis, you'll also want to select the right paint color. Gray Marble is a wonderful color for the bedroom. There are hints of brown and purple in the paint, so you can choose a color scheme for the room that includes a variety of warm and cool tones. Metallic tones like platinum or silver look elegant and sophisticated in a room painted with Gray Marble, so keep this in mind when choosing a bed frame, dresser, or reading area. If you prefer warmer metallic tones, gold or bronze accents will bring the look of the room together as well.

Going Greige - Living/Dining Room

Pewter Gray is a great greige color for the living room since it looks great in large spaces. This light-to-medium shade of gray has warm accents, so you can decorate your room with black or brown furniture. You can also choose table decor that coordinates with the walls, like chocolate brown bowls or candleholders, or a flower arrangement that includes purple and blue blooms. Pewter gray also looks great with white or off-white artwork and furniture, so you can hang artwork or add an area rug or armchair in these colors to make the living room decor complete.

Going Greige - Den/Playroom

Gray Shadows is an ideal "warm" gray color for the den. It's not so dark that it makes the room look smaller, and it's light enough to make the room look larger. Stains or smudges don't easily show up on this medium shade of gray, which is a plus if pets or children spend time in the den often.

Going Greige - Kitchen

To make the kitchen appear more spacious, Mountain Gray is a beautiful choice. This color has elements of white and gray, so it looks great with black, white, or stainless steel appliances. Mountain Gray also works well as a trim or ceiling color and gives the room an open and inviting feel.

Going Greige - Bathroom

Since the bathroom is likely one of the smaller rooms in your home, you can choose a darker shade of greige like Gibraltar Gray to paint the walls. This color can save as the accent wall for the bathroom, or you can use it to bring the black-and-white decor scheme of the bathroom together. Gibraltar Gray also looks lovely when paired with jewel tones like emerald and amethyst. You can incorporate these hues into the bathroom with towels, rugs, and shower curtains.

Going Greige - Perfect for Every Room in Your Home

These greige paint colors will make any part of your home more visually appealing and welcoming. You can use the wall color as the backdrop for the decor scheme that works best for your style and preferences without worrying that the walls will clash with the other colors in the room. Visit a Glidden showroom or check out Glidden.com for beautiful greige color selections. 

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