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House Paint - Great Paint For Your Home

Your home is likely one of the largest investments you'll make in your lifetime, so it's a good idea to study up before you start making improvements. Activities like trying to cover everything in just one coat of paint color or not finishing up your prep work will leave you with a paint job that may not protect your home as well as needed. Proper care and prep are key, whether you're working on the outside or the inside.

House Paint  - Renew a Tired Room

Many rooms that have to work hard, like bathrooms and utility rooms, can be brightened with some patching and two coats of Lime Taffy, a clean, restful green that would look great against white or wood trim. Consider getting this paint color in an eggshell or semi-gloss to stand up to moisture. If you have nail holes to cover, scrape carefully to flatten the area, then spackle the hole. Once the house paint dries fully, sand gently and roller over it with primer so your fresh first coat is perfectly smooth from floor to ceiling.

House Paint - Give Your House a Clean Finish

Yellow is a popular color for both the inside and outside of your home, but it's important to note that a little can go a long way. Sunflowers and lemons are lovely, but to make the outside of your house cheery and clean, consider using a gentler yellow, such as Glidden's Soft Cream. This tone is lovely in small spaces and would make the outside of your home look clean and welcoming. To paint the exterior of your home, makes sure you carefully clean the surfaces you need to cover. Brick looks great once it's painted, but the cleaning and priming process will take time. Wooden siding will need scraped and sanded before priming. For great results that last, always make sure that you prep fully before you put on that top coat of house paint color for your home.

House Paint - Comfortable as a Great Pair of Jeans

One of the simplest house paint colors that you can enjoy both in light and in deep tones and keep a comfortable feel is blue. From the lovely blue grey of Aster Petal to the saturated intensity of Daring Indigo, you can find a blue to use as a primary wall color or an accent color in any room of your home. If you have an intense paint color on an accent wall, try to be extremely uniform in how you decorate it. If the wall is grey, use all black or all white frames on the artwork to provide a spot for the eye to rest.

House Paint - Create Relaxation Space

Gray paint colors, like black, are comprised of many different tones. You may find a warm gray that has a yellow base, or a cool gray that has a blue base. To create a space for relaxation and snuggling, such as a grown-up bedroom, start with a medium tone like a Flagstone. This blue gray would look terrific on at least three walls with a deep, smoky blue gray like Cavalry on the accent wall. Trim could be a medium wood tone or a bright white. If you like white trim, consider adding built-ins, wainscoting or paneling to your home. Your can go with white trim paint on the wainscoting, or get a small amount of semi-gloss trim paint in a house paint color to tie to your accent wall.

House Paint - Modern Tones

White house paint for your home seems to be the modern fall back, particularly if you're a fan of the minimalist design style. However, white paint color doesn't have to be plain or boring. For example, a coat of Fuzzy Unicorn over a paneled wall could warm up a great room. Minimalist White is just a few cast iron wall shelf brackets away from making a small room the perfect office space for those who need to work from home.

House Paint - Don't Forget to Prep 

A great house paint job starts with a good cleanup. If you're using a power washer outside, have someone inside the home just in case a window leaks. Inside, brush the walls for obvious dust, then wipe them down with a mild detergent like a dish soap. Finally, rinse with plain water, patch, sand, prime, and then paint. You'll be much happier with the quality of your product.

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