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Paint Colors For Living Rooms

4 Best Paint Colors For Living Rooms

The living room is the place in your home where everyone gathers. Creating a space where the whole family can relax, enjoy, and spend quality time together is important. If you are wondering what you can do to create that comfy, welcoming atmosphere into your living room, planning a paint job is a great place to start. Depending on your style, there is a wide variety of paint colors for living rooms to choose from that will give you the ambiance you desire. Today, we’ve done some of the hard parts for you and gathered a list of the best living room paint colors for you to choose from.


Paint Colors For Living Rooms - 1. Onyx

Scrolling through Pinterest these days you will notice deep, dark colors like Onyx are living room paint colors that are trending. Onyx is a rich black tone that can be used as an accent color or as the main color in your living room. It goes with about anything. It is a warm color that will add a relaxing, sultry feel anytime you enter the room. Choose Onyx for any earth-toned room and it will help other paint colors in your room standout.

Paint Colors For Living Rooms - 2. Babbling Brook

This soft greyed teal green paint color creates the inviting feel your home needs. If elegance is more your style, then Babbling Brook is just the paint color you’ve been looking for. It pairs lovely with light-colored furniture, subtle textures, and looks great in naturally bright rooms. Babbling Brook creates a dreamy environment that will calm any mood.

Paint Colors For Living Rooms - 3. Swirling Smoke

Do you prefer a more modern or minimalist styled home? If so, then you will want to select a living room paint color that is on the lighter end. Instead of choosing plain whites as your living room paint colors, you can still add some cozy character to your living room with Swirling Smoke. Swirling Smoke is a neutral grey beige paint color that will stand out with woods and white trim. Hanging houseplants and gold framed wall decor will help add character to your room, as well.

Paint Colors For Living Rooms - 4. Cinnamon Brandy

Is your living room in need of paint color to brighten its walls and welcome visitors in? A muted orange paint color like Cinnamon Brandy will help with that. This light coral paint color brings a warming tone that you will want to wrap yourself in. It will create a comfy feel in your living room, while also standing out. It can be paired well with neutral tones, but is also a friend to darker accents, too. Leather furniture looks great in a room with Cinnamon Brandy walls.

Paint Colors For Living Rooms

No matter your style, choosing the right living room paint color shouldn’t be a challenge. From dark accent walls to neutral hues, and bright pops of color, a small paint job can completely change your space. You can create the inviting, calm living room you desire with any of the paint colors above. Choose yours today!

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