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Painting Kitchen Cabinets

What are the best paint colors to use when painting kitchen cabinets? Your kitchen cabinet paint colors should give your kitchen an elegant and sophisticated look. It's helpful to research the best cabinet paint colors to use for the best results, choosing a paint color or colors that you will not tire of quickly and that will still look amazing for years to come. Here are some of the best paint colors to use when painting your kitchen cabinets, and a few tips to help you successfully complete your project.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - White and Dark Gray Paint Colors

White and dark gray are excellent complementary colors to use when painting your kitchen cabinets. Incorporate both these paint colors in your kitchen by painting the top cabinets a white paint color and the lower cabinets a gray paint color. The white paint color will reflect sunlight, brightening your kitchen and making it more lively and beautiful. Gray paint color on lower cabinets make them easier to clean, keeping your kitchen cabinets spotless and pretty.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Blue Paint Colors

Blue is one of the most sophisticated kitchen cabinet paint colors, and there are multiple shades that can be used.  Navy blue is a striking paint color to use for a kitchen cabinet island because it blends well with many colors, and pairs well with popular white countertops. Royal blue is an unexpected choice for a cabinet paint color, bringing classic vibes and a special touch to your kitchen. It works best when used on lower cabinets with white or neutral countertops.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Yellow Paint Colors

Another great paint color option for your kitchen cabinets is yellow.  There are several yellow shades that help to create a sunny and warm kitchen. If you love vintage looks and designs, you can use a sandy yellow paint color to paint your cabinets, creating a unique and rustic look. A yellow-green paint color is exceptional when used with white walls and trim. A bright yellow paint color will reflect sunlight throughout your kitchen, making it brighter and more elegant. 

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Green Paint Colors

Finally, green is a distinctive paint color to use when painting kitchen cabinets. A favorite of many interior designers for their flexibility, green paint colors blend with almost all other colors. Pair a green island cabinet or green upper cabinets with other cabinets that are painted in more neutral paint colors, or add white countertops for a striking contrast. 

Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Finally, follow these helpful tips when painting kitchen cabinets. Remove all the drawers and stand them on end. Remove all of the cabinet door fronts and lay those flat on newspaper to prevent paint from getting on surfaces under the doors. Paint the base cabinets with your first chosen paint color, if you are going to do that. Then paint the doors and drawer fronts with the other chosen paint color (or same color). Painting kitchen cabinets this way makes the job quicker, easier and less messy.

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