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Small Bathroom Ideas

Wow Your Small Bathroom with Color!

Small spaces can be daunting to decorate. Too much will feel packed and crowded; too little will feel barren and scarce. Choosing the perfect paint color to help liven it up can seem just as overwhelming because the color options are endless, but finding the perfect balance will make your home feel welcoming. Half-bathrooms and petite powder rooms may seem like unimportant spaces but are actually the perfect rooms for making big statements to show your unique style and personality. There are many paint colors for small bathrooms that will bring a breath of fresh air to your home. Take a look at the bathroom ideas below to help find your perfect color inspiration!


When looking for small bathroom ideas, especially for spaces that are dimly lit or narrow, think bright and airy. A gentle paint color such as a powder or baby blue is the perfect choice to help brighten a half-bath or petite powder room. Using mellow color allows your family and guests to feel at ease, even in the tiniest of spaces. Blue paint color brings back the memories of the sea and projects a sense of cleanliness and ease.


An unexpected paint color palette to keep in mind is green. Mellow grassy hues or subtle minty tones will not only help brighten your small space but also bring the outdoors in. Soft shades of green provide a spa-like essence bringing a calm serenity to your bathroom to help rejuvenate and center yourself or your guest, for the day ahead.


If your small bathroom ideas include something creating a bold, bright space, try a lush shade of teal paint color to help make a statement. Wow your guests with the unexpected and vibrant tone and use your bathroom ideas as conversation starters. Teal provides a sense of style and out of the box thinking; the perfect way to showcase a compact space.


A small bathroom can seem claustrophobic and tight, so you might not think that making a dramatic statement in your powder room would be an option, but using deep paint colors such as black can bring a sophisticated touch to your bathroom. Combine black walls with silver or white accent items for a classic feel or add a sparkling chandelier for a touch of elegance.

Get Inspired With Color

Whether your wanting to create an oasis with calm, cool shades, or make an evocative statement to make your small bathroom stand out, choosing the right paint color will help bring out your inspiration. If you're thinking of colors for small bathrooms, try our Color Visualizer to try one of these highly recommended shades to enhance your compact space.

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