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Small Bathroom Ideas For Any Home

Small Bathroom Ideas

Choosing the right paint color for any room can be a daunting task, particularly when considering small bathroom ideas. Homeowners want to design a welcoming atmosphere for the shared space when company comes to call. The wrong color can be off-putting for visitors, as dark paint colors often make rooms appear even more confined. The following are four of the best colors for small bathrooms.


Small Bathroom Ideas - Relaxing Colors

Many homeowners search for small bathroom ideas that will create a relaxing climate. Available colors for small bathrooms can definitely produce a spa-like atmosphere. Think light white paint colors or even gray paint colors. Not only are they soothing colors, but they also make a room feel light and, therefore, bigger. Be careful, however, not to be so colorless that the small bathroom ideas you pictured inadvertently generate a sterile, hospital feeling instead. Light gray paint colors are a nice option because while pale, they add subtle hues to the room. If using white, be sure to add some pops of color in the décor. Wood tones can help warm an otherwise stark room. Consider a wooden soap dish or bathtub tray, and place silver dispensers and candleholders on top.

Small Bathroom Ideas - Bright Colors

If your bathroom ideas include more color, a light shade of green paint color can be perfect. Modern farmhouse décor includes a lot of touches from nature: woven baskets, large-fibered throws, wooden accents, and always some greenery. Bring this concept into the color of the walls! Choose shades that have fewer yellow tints and more blue or brown hues. Light sage is always a safe option. It adds color without overwhelming the senses. It also looks extraordinarily crisp and clean when partnered with fresh white accents.

Small Bathroom Ideas - Blue Colors

Another color that pairs nicely with white trim is a soft blue paint color. It also adds to the natural feel of farmhouse decorating. If your bathroom already has a lot of natural light, blue can turn a small bathroom into a work of art. A soft or chalky blue creates the illusion that it is an extension of the sky one sees through the window, thus enlarging the feel of the room and making it feel calming.

Small Bathroom Ideas - Dark Colors

Perhaps the light colors are unappealing and you are seeking some boldness. Dark, striking paint colors like purple paint colors or red paint colors  are still a possibility in small bathrooms, if done correctly. Many houses that model a farmhouse style utilize a lot of white with black touches. This can extend to a bathroom. Rather than paint an entire wall a black paint color, though, consider white wainscoting on the bottom of the walls, with black paint on the top. Make sure there is plenty of light to contrast the darkness of the paint, and use white fixtures to keep the room from feeling overwhelming.

Small Bathroom Ideas - Find The Right Color For You

These paint colors are excellent choices for small bathrooms. Remember to think about the statement you want to make. Are you looking for a spa atmosphere or a touch of nature, for example? The paint color you choose tells a story and makes a room unique.


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