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The Best Paint Colors For Small Bedrooms

There are many small bedroom paint colors to choose from, but these four options will always look great.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Prep For The Best Results

When it comes to painting, make sure to have enough paint, a paint stirring stick, a paint tray, paint tray liner, brushes, rollers, roller brushes and painters tape. Some other tips for painting walls are to cover the floor, spackle any holes that may need it, remove outlet plates, get rid of dust and dirt, caulk where you need to, prime the walls if you need to and be careful roll the paint on the walls smoothly and slowly. Slow and steady will always win the race when it comes to doing a good paint job.

Choosing the right paint color is just as important as doing a good job when applying the paint to your small bedroom. Here are four small bedroom paint colors that will be sure to make your room look clean and comfortable.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Fog

Fog is the first paint color that would be great for small bedroom ideas. This is a modern shade of gray that will complement countless options of furniture and decorations. It is a subtle color so it will not overpower a small room but will still add a modern touch to the overall atmosphere. Fog is light in value so it will come off as calming and would look great with bold curtains or patterned bedspreads for a pop of color. The tiny bedroom ideas are endless with this soothing wall paint color.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Buttercup

Another paint color to consider for small bedroom ideas is Buttercup. Yellow and gold tones instantly give off inviting and cheerful vibes. Buttercup will be the perfect color if you want your bedroom to look renewed with a more vibrant feel. This sunny shade of yellow paint will make your bedroom a great escape for when you need to relax and turn your frown upside down after a rough day. While it will brighten up your room, it is not bold to the point where it will come off as overpowering. Decorations in the warm color range such as orange would complement this color beautifully.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Clear Sky Blue

Clear Sky Blue is also perfect for bedroom ideas. Your room is where you will be sleeping at night, so it is important to choose a wall color that will create a relaxing atmosphere. Blue is typically considered to be the most soothing color in the rainbow as it is associated with relaxing imagery in nature. The ocean and the sky are beautiful and this clear color will capture that natural, clean vibe. The sky blue color will provide the perfect foundation for tiny bedroom ideas to turn your room into a calming sanctuary from the outside world.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Birch Beige

Lastly, Birch Beige is a timeless neutral color for any wall colors. You can never go wrong with beige when it comes to interior paint. Beige paint colors are not too dark and not too light and will add just the right amount of character to your walls without being too bold. Its warm hue gives off instantly relaxing and comforting vibes, making one of the best choices for small bedrooms. This shade of beige can complement a wide variety of bedspreads, furniture and decorations, ranging from subtle to colorful and solid to patterned. The options are endless with beige.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Paint Your Dream Bedroom

Try exploring these bedroom ideas today to transform your space. All these paint colors are suitable for people of any gender or age. If you are looking for a modern, comfortable room, painting your walls any one of these colors will be the key factor in getting your dream bedroom.

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