Top Paint Colors - Popular Paint Colors For 2021 - Home Decorating & Painting Advice

Top Paint Colors - Popular Paint Colors For 2021

The year 2021 has been an odd combination of change, worry and static. We're facing a global pandemic, the results have been far-reaching, and our best behavioral option is to stay home. Our house has to be the place where we're enriched, engaged, entertained and sheltered. Boosting your love of home will be easier if you can make some changes and choices of paint color, such as a fresh coat of Smooth Stone on the exterior of your home.

Top Paint Colors - Popular Paint Colors For 2021: Finding Relaxation

Some of the top paint colors recommended by designers and decor experts for 2021 are known as restorative. Chalky Blue offers a mild blue shade with grey undertones. It would go well with white trim and would be an excellent backdrop for wood tones of any shade.

Top Paint Colors - Popular Paint Colors For 2021: Colors That Flow

If your home is open concept, finding a tone that will work well from room to room must be a consideration when reviewing popular paint colors. Thankfully, nature reminds us that green goes with everything.

Light Sage is a great choice for spaces with a moderate amount of light. It nicely balances the combined shades of yellow and blue to provide an ideal backdrop for white kitchen cabinets, beige living room carpet or wood floor in the dining room. Consider adding an accent wall of Grape Leaves for artwork, shelving or a television.

Top Paint Colors - Popular Paint Colors For 2021: Popular in Pink

If your energy is low these days, you may appreciate that one of the top house paint colors for 2021 is pink. There are many fun and deeply saturated shades in the pink family that would work great as an accent wall. For example, a grey room could be easily upgraded with a single wall of Magenta.

If your home is already decked out in warm tones of brown and beige, consider adding an accent of Chili Pepper. This color would also work great in a small room, such as in a powder room, play room or office.

Top Paint Colors - Popular Paint Colors For 2021: Neutral but Never Boring

As we're doing a lot of nesting at this point in time, neutrals still offer DIY home decorators the chance to keep their space fresh without overwhelming their home with color. One of the top paint colors for 2021 in the neutral palette is Whiskers, a lovely and cool shade of greige, or both grey and beige.

This tone could be an excellent background for an accent wall of Gooseberry, a rich plum, or Azalea Leaf a deep aqua.

It's important to note that current design trends include deeply saturated paint colors on the ceiling as well as the walls. If you've always had light colored walls and want to add a bolder color, start with an accent wall to make sure deep tones work with the light in your home. If you choose to increase the color saturation, you'll have a better idea of how the room will look at different times of day after seeing it on your accent wall.

Top Paint Colors - Popular Paint Colors For 2021: Painting the Outside - Primary vs. Accent Colors

Some of the top house paint colors are ideal for the outside of your home because they work with so many other shades. For example, popular paint colors for the exterior of your home can include shades of palest greige, like Canyon Echo. You can pair this with a trim of Majesty Violet, or a lush Canyon Blue. No matter your taste or design goals, a base color that will boost any accent is an important choice.

Top Paint Colors - Popular Paint Colors For 2021: Choose Colors to Inspire and Relax

Your home is more than shelter. It's about creativity, relaxation, and growth. Making design choices that will both inspire you and help you to relax in uncertain times will require some study of color. Create a bedroom that calms and a powder room that energizes; why not? Paint color is a great way to spruce up any space.

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