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Weekend Projects

10 Easy Weekend Paint Projects For Your Home

Do you have plans for the weekend? While it’s nice to have time off to enjoy with our family and friends, for many of us the best time to catch up on home improvement is on the weekend.

Dining Room Ideas

A Dining Room Fit for Entertaining - Dining Room Paint Colors

Creating a dining space that has a warm palette but is still flexible can be tricky. See how using a white color can create the ultimate blank canvas.

In Neutral Territory: Kitchen Wall Colors With Cherry Cabinetry

Curious about how to pair the right paint color with your dark kitchen cabinets? Our expert weighs in on the best approach.

Room Hacks

Make Any Room Feel Bigger Just By Using Color

Small spaces do not have to feel small. There are plenty of tricks to make a room feel bigger and more spacious.

Open Floor Plan Dilemma

It's difficult to find the right color combination with an open floor plan. Here's an expert's outlook on how to approach that kind of project.

How-To Video

Perfect Doesn’t Always Get the Most Likes

Our paint will set you up for great results and stellar selfies. However, we do recommend holding off on any flash photography until clean-up is complete.

How-To Video

How to Paint Trim

Painting trim doesn’t have to be so bad.  With Glidden Brush Ups learn tips and tricks to help make your project go a little smoother. 

How-To Video

How To Prep Your Walls for Painting

Prepping to paint doesn’t have to be so bad.  With Glidden Brush Ups learn tips and tricks to help make your project go a little smoother. 

Dining Room Ideas

How To Decorate A Spring Dining Room

A dining room goes through many seasons. Coordinating your room with pops of color and accessories is easier than you think.

Dining Room Ideas

How to Decorate Your Dining Room For The Holiday

The dining room is the center of attention on Thanksgiving, so let’s make it shine. Glidden asked the experts about their favorite ways to add polish and sparkle so it’s ready for guests during the holiday season.

Dining Room Ideas

Dining Room Paint Colors: Going Yellow

Learn how to bring the beautiful details of an old home to life, through color.

Dining Rooms

Dining Room Side Table Décor

You don’t have to choose between functional and stylish- you can have both! It's all about the balance.

Dining Room Ideas

Let's Talk Dining Room Colors

Here's a great tip: how you plan to use a space can really help guide your color decision.

Dining Room Ideas

Why I Love Neutral Dining Room Walls

White paint goes with everything… even your little girl’s, big girl room.

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