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Painting to Sell: The Right Color Can Make Your Property Move

Room Visualizer

Room Visualizer

Your walls won’t paint themselves, but our color tools with help you get your paint project rolling.

Find Your Color

Match My Color

Use the Match My Color tool to pick any color you see in your own photos or on the web.

Pin to Paint

Announcing Pin to Paint

Meet your new hero, Pin to Paint, Glidden’s Pinterest color matching tool. In just three easy steps, Pin to Paint turns your favorite pins into your new favorite colors.

Glidden Color Tools

Living Rooms

Creative Ideas For Choosing Living Room Paint Colors

There’s no question that paint can completely change the feel of a room. But did you know that the way you apply paint can change the room as well?

Living Rooms

Colorful Living Room Makeover

Are you addicted to vibrant pops of color and bright accent accessories? Learn how using neutral walls with a touch of color can provide a clean palette that allows you to mix, match and explore décor!

Living Rooms

Goodbye Builder-Beige Living Room

Learn how to shed your builder beige and breathe life into your underutilized spaces.

Living Rooms

Living Room Paint Schemes: A Fresh Modern Combination

Learn how to use trim and paint to add visual interest and architectural accents to your room.

Living Rooms

Pink? In The Living Room?

If traditional neutrals aren’t doing it for you, but you still want a soft look to your room, did you ever think pink?

Living Rooms

The Perfect Gray for Your Living Room

The hunt to find the perfect shade of grey is totally worth the wait.

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