Your Glidden Whirlwind Swatch Box - Home Decorating & Painting Advice

Your Glidden Whirlwind Swatch Box

So, you've ordered a free swatch box - here is what's inside:


Our most versatile gray paint color, Whirlwind, plus 4 more top grays.
That's 5 swatches for the price of none.

I've Got My Swatches - Now What Do I Do?

Choosing a paint color has never been easier. Let's show you how to use the swatches you received with this simple 2 step guide.

1. First, peel the large swatch you received exposing the attached adhesive on the back. 


2. Next stick the swatch to the wall you want to paint, so you can visualize your color in the room. Use your hand to gently smooth it out.


You've got the color - now get your paint. To buy the right paint for your project or find out exactly how much you need click the links below.


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