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6 Unexpected Front Door Colors


Want to give your exterior an instant makeover with minimal effort? A fresh color on your front door updates your entire home’s personality. The only problem is, the choices can seem endless. So to help narrow the field, here are six colors you may not have considered, but are unexpectedly inviting.

Avocado Green

Though its reputation may be questionable (thanks to countless 1970s refrigerator doors), this color looks remarkably fresh and appealing in the right setting. The color picks up exterior greenery and plant shades beautifully too, so it works well for anyone honing their green thumb. To avoid any hint of neon or brashness, choose a shade that’s a little on the muted side, like Granny Smith Apple or Safari Green.

Bright Bay Blue

Bright and bold, this shade of blue calls out for a friendly visit and works beautifully with lots of different house styles and colors. It’s a good choice if you want something a little different without being too shocking. And the bonus of telling delivery guys “It’s the house with the bright blue door” is hard to resist! Try Bright Cornflower Blue or Rich Navy.

Hint Of Heather

So perhaps you aren’t quite ready to go bold, but you don’t want to do white either. A very pale lavender color like Lavender Cloud can read as white or grey and has just a hint of feminine color for warmth. Lighter shades can act as a neutral, beautifully complimenting the greens and blues found in nature. You can even add rich eggplant shades like Black Tulip to accent your window boxes and bring out the lavender even further.

Rust Orange

A rust color is perfect for a more modern aesthetic. It has the warmth you want without being too cheeky. Paired with rich greys and blacks, it draws the eye right to the door. The key to doing this color right is making it the star of the show in an otherwise neutral palette. To adjust the brightness, you can always turn the brown up or down. Try Fresh Tangerines or Peking Orange.

Teal Zeal

Take a bright blue shade down a notch by adding a little green and grey to create this eye-catching shade that has personality for days. A mint blue like Island Shores is hard to miss, so it’s great for a house that doesn’t have other colors to compete with and works well if you want your door to stand out from afar. More muted versions will read like a verdigris shade, so they’re absolutely perfect when paired with copper accents.

Deep Onyx

Painting a door black may not seem inviting, but it’s the go-to color for anyone who just can’t commit to brighter shades. A black like  Onyx Black partners wonderfully with just about any color or style of home, hiding dirt so well that it’s sure to look fresh, even after the worst weather. Using a high gloss finish adds sparkle and shine on sunny days.

If you follow these simple color tricks, you’ll instantly freshen up your home’s exterior, adding a personality that’s inviting with plenty of charm.

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