Bedroom Paint Color Schemes - Home Decorating & Painting Advice

Bedroom Paint Color Schemes

Bedroom Ideas - Choosing The Right Bedroom Color Is Important

Let your personality drive the color choice for your bedroom. And, continue your color expression into your master bath with these coordinating colors.

White Bedroom Colors

Predominantly white bedrooms are blank slates, promoting moods of peace, rejuvenation, and the opportunity for fresh starts.

Light Bedroom Colors

Warm hues in the bedroom suggest strong character, creating charismatic energy and abundant spirit.

Midtones & Dark Bedroom Colors

When used in bedrooms, calming hues can neutralize negative energy from a bad day and work well towards achieving a deep, restful sleep.

Bedroom Ideas - Create A Soulful Bedroom

Purple bedroom colors are symbolic of spirituality, mystery, and intuition, while blues are known as peaceful, heavenly shades. Together, they are both mellow and revitalizing.

Bedroom Ideas - Create A Peaceful Bedroom

Layer warm natural colors in your décor against a non-competing neutral on the wall.

Bedroom Ideas - Create An Authentic Bedroom

Deep aquas bedroom colors are intense but still restful in a bedroom. Pair with green and off-white.

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