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Best Colors to Paint A Room When Selling A House

There are a few things to keep in mind when selling your home, especially when choosing paint colors. First know you might not have the same taste as a potential buyer. A color you might find attractive can impact why someone decides not to buy your home. Your goal is to paint your home in a way that attracts potential buyers.
Industry Standards That Attract the Right Buyer for Your Home
Some paint colors can increase the likelihood of selling your home than other paint colors. A great place to start is with light browns, like Stonehenge Greige. This greige tone is warm, inviting and versatile, making your home move-in-ready for a potential buyer. White, like Atrium White is also a hit because it looks clean, feels fresh, reflects light, and helps make a room look larger than it is without feeling cold and stark. Classic neutrals such as Intuitive, Stone Gray, and Toasted Almond are ideal as they enhance the architectural elements of a space.

How To Sell A House By Painting It

What Color Looks Best in Each Room?
White is universally appealing, doesn’t look dated, and can easily be dressed up with accent colors. Buyers can personalize the space with minimal work by adding color to a door, as an accent wall, or through décor such as wall art. Choosing a white for your room is creating a blank space for buyers. Try a true white like Gypsum or an off white like Horseradish.

How To Sell A House By Painting It

Greige is a popular neutral color for living rooms. An upgrade from white, it provides a darker value but still reflects light well. Since greiges are variations of beige and grey, these neutrals are extremely versatile, increasing the likelihood it will coordinate well with a buyer’s furniture. Or it will provide a trendy and eye-pleasing backdrop for them to design around with new furnishings. Try Steel Me, Legendary, or Intuitive.

How To Sell A House By Painting It

Increase the appeal of your kitchen to a potential buyer by painting it a vegetal or neutral tone. These are very popular and eye-pleasing colors for kitchens. For inspiration, look no further than the produce department of your grocery store. The reds of berries, peppers, apples and tomatoes provide excellent choices for a kitchen, as does the yellow in a banana, the deep purple of an eggplant, or the green tones of lettuce, celery, or avocados. Or play it safe and choose a neutral which would work well with all of these tones. Try Glazed Pears, Atrium White, or Vanilla Milkshake.

Lighter and More Neutral Colors Help Sell Homes Fast
Lighter colors and neutrals are the safest paint colors to use when selling a house. They're clean, inviting, and practical. They match nearly every darker color and open up a room. If you want to attract to more potential buyers, you'll leave the bright colors behind and take a more traditional approach to painting the interior of your house.
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