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Best Colors to Use in a Small Bathroom

Many people wish they had a bigger bathroom, but usually don’t have the space or time to make their bathroom larger.
A Bigger Bathroom with Color
A fresh coat of paint is a simple way to make a bathroom appear bigger even if it’s small. Small bathroom ideas come in many shapes and sizes, allowing you to amplify your bathroom and make it your own. Here are a few paint color ideas that are best for enlarging small bathrooms.

Some of the best colors for small bathrooms are bright and light colors. These colors create the appearance of space by allowing natural and artificial light to keep spaces feeling as bright as possible. Cow's Milk is one of the most common white interior paint colors for small bathrooms. White is the lightest possible color and is most reflective of light, giving your bathroom a timeless and clean look.

Aside from white paint colors, there are many other bathroom colors to choose from. A pale blue or green color like Lime Spritz compliments a bathroom for a cool, and relaxed look. A soft yellow gives off a warm and bright ambiance, mirroring the appearance of sunlight coming in through windows. Lighter neutrals, like warm or cool grays, also give off a similar effect.

The Power of Accent Walls
Accent walls are a creative way to integrate multiple bathroom colors. Brighter colors, such as light yellow-greens, bright yellows, or even vibrant teal colors all can make a small bathroom appear bigger used separately. It’s not advised to combine two or more light colors because it may overwhelm the space. A bright color works best as an accent wall with white walls or lighter versions of that color. For example, a bold green wall accentuates a paler green wall in a bathroom.  

Paint is a simple solution to make your small bathroom appear much bigger than it is. Light colors and bright colors are some of the best small bathroom colors, and choosing the right colors can create the appearance of a larger and more enjoyable space.

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