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The Best Gray Paint Colors

Gray paint colors are having a moment, and it's obvious why. It's a neutral that's more interesting than white and more stylish than beige. One advantage of grey paint color is that it's understated enough to be used in large quantities without being overpowering. This makes grey the perfect new color for either the interior or exterior of your home.

But not every shade of grey paint will work for an entire room or house. Subtlety is key when painting, both inside and outside. Choose a grey paint color that’s light and gentle on the eyes. Two of the best grey paint colors from Glidden® are Whirlwind and Pebble Grey.


Currently Glidden’s second most popular color, Whirlwind, is a cool, soft grey with a touch of blue. Its faint hue makes it a good main paint color for an entire room, especially ones that receive a lot of sunlight. Whirlwind’s touch of blue will balance out any harsh yellows from the sun. Rooms in this color should leave you feeling serene, energetic, and creative.

Whirlwind works as an overall wall color, but it could also be a trim alongside a deeper grey. Napoleon and Victorian Pewter are two deep grey paint choices that can work well with WhirlwindWhirlwind is also an excellent choice for the outside of a home. With its cool tone, it would be a nice accent against a stone exterior. Its versatility and low-key vibe make Whirlwind one of the top grey paint colors for your home.

Pebble Grey 

Pebble Grey is also in the cool grey paint family. It does not have Whirlwind’s subtle hint of blue, so it can be incorporated into any color scheme. For a nature-inspired scheme, try grouping Pebble Grey with cream shades and wood finishes. A Pebble Grey wall offers a neutral canvas for showcasing colorful pieces of decor, like a patterned couch.

On the home's exterior, Pebble Grey can be used as a dominant color to make other details pop, such as a brightly-painted shutter or a berry-colored door. As another one of the top grey paint colors for your home, Pebble Grey is a solid option for anyone looking for a light grey shade of paint.

A fresh paint job is one of the quickest ways you can breathe new life into your home. If you’re looking to freshen your home’s look, why not try a grey color scheme? Grey is contemporary, chic, and versatile. It’s a neutral that makes other colors look better, giving you limitless color-pairing options.

Expert Tip: The best way to find the right colors is to compare paint samples at the store. Then, you should take another look at the swatches at your home. Keep in mind that colors may look different as the light changes throughout the day.

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