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Choosing the Best Interior White Paint Color for Any Room

When deciding on the best interior paint color for your home, it may be difficult to choose the perfect one to complement your furnishings and other design features. This is especially true if you want one color to flow from room to room. Because of this, many opt to go with an accent color on one wall, or paint each room a different color to match the furniture. On the other hand, many prefer one paint color that can be used throughout the entire home -- provided it doesn’t clash with the interior design. For this reason, white paint is often the go-to color. But even with white paint, there are several hues to choose from, making the choice of the best white paint color just as difficult. 


Snow Storm

Glidden’s Snow Storm white paint can be used for all walls, trim, or both, and is possibly the best interior paint color you can choose for every room. Snow Storm has an off-white, soft pink undertone that will go perfectly with any basic white or darker trim. If your design color scheme has more of an earthy look to it (ie., browns, dark blues, etc.), then Snow Storm is a great choice for you. 

Swan White

Swan White is another exceptional white paint by Glidden that is often recommended for trim, although it also works great as a main wall color. Swan White can be combined with an array of undertones to give you options ranging from soft white to more muted tones, to complement your lighter colored furnishings.

Whether used as a wall paint or trim, both Snow Storm and Swan White will give your home the brightness that you’re looking for with white paint, while allowing you to decorate your entire home as freely as you like without having to worry about the need for accent walls. As a bonus, they both work well with natural and artificial lighting and will not clash with any of your design choices. 

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