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The Best Pink Paint Colors

Pink isn’t just pretty, it’s cool and hip which is why it’s growing in popularity. Pink paint can make a bold statement and make a wall "pop." There are plenty of ways to play with pink, but here are our most popular pinks. In fact, they’re so popular they’re a top 5 choice out of our 1000+ colors.

Sweetheart Rose

Best Pink Paint Colors 2019

Sweetheart Rose is a fun and popular paint color. This top pink paint color pairs nicely with grays and whites, and with hardwoods of any shade. If you want the best pink paint for a modern, "trendy" project this is a go-to choice.

Pale Primrose

Best Pink Paint Colors 2019
To really get the most out of this pink, pair it with natural wooden furniture and white accents. You can even add blacks and grays to make it really stand out. Pale Primrose is a great option for a dining room or kitchen.

Making Pink Work

Best Pink Paint Colors 2019

Pink paint can be one of the best colors in your palette. If you use the right accents, décor, and trim, pink paint can be stylish and pleasant to look at every day. Pair these pinks with white trim, or accent with natural woods or darker greys, to really give your space that “cool, trendy” feel you can brag about in your post-project social media posts. Pink is here to stay so choose one of our best pinks, Sweetheart Rose or Pale Primrose, and get rolling on your next project.


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