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Colors For Your Marble Bathroom

What is it about a marble bathroom that is so hard to resist? The beautiful stone elicits a sort of zen calmness that few other raw materials can, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find the perfect wall color to complement! While there is never just one perfect shade that works in every situation, the right paint color will depend on what look you are hoping to achieve. What type of marble bathroom are you?

White is alright. All-white bathrooms will never go out of style, but as you have probably already learned, even the palest marbles aren’t a true white. Painting your walls white will serve as a slight contrast to the blue and brown casts of the stone. Don’t be afraid to pick something stark—it will serve to make your bathroom feel bright and clean. Be aware, though, that your tile might look a little more dingy by comparison. Color suggestions: Coronation, Elusive Blue.

Fifty shades of grey. Bathrooms can be the perfect place for a pale or medium shade gray. It won’t make your marble tiles look less white, it can serve as a lovely backdrop for some choice pieces of artwork, and it almost never looks dirty, no matter how dusty! The key to picking the right shade is understanding the color cast of your bathroom lighting and marble stone. A perfectly balanced gray in one light may look more purple, green, or brown in another. Lots of swatches are your friends. Color suggestions: Whirlpool, Dover Gray.

Dark and mysterious. If you want to go dark and bold but aren’t brave enough to do so in a large space, a bathroom can be the perfect setting. With much less wall space than most rooms, you can pick something as daring as an ebony black and the room can still look bright! The pitfall here is to make sure your bathroom gets lots of natural light and has great artificial lighting. Black walls and poor lighting is never inviting, but especially in the powder room. Color suggestion: Blackberry.

Whooshing waters. Colors that sit just between blue and green remind us all of water, so nowhere is more fitting than in a lovely bathroom. Selecting pale shades will go a long way versus bolder colors that will detract from the beautiful stone in which you’ve invested so much. Color Suggestions: Blue Booties, Pale Seafoam.

So which marble bath owner are you?

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