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Exterior Painting Tips

Glidden Team:
In what order should you paint the outside of a house?  Do you have any general tips for exterior paint projects?

Associate Director of R&D and PPG Paint Specialist: 
When taking on an exterior paint project, I suggest taking on the following parts of the house in this order:
  1. Gables
  2. Main siding
  3. Windows
  4. Siding trim
  5. Doors
When painting siding, always paint from the top down, and paint next to the trim first, creating a border about two to three inches from the edge of the trim. Then begin painting the rest of the siding, remembering to paint under the edge.

Paint in small sections of three to four clapboards and a few feet at a time, applying a fresh brush full of paint to unpainted areas and working back into the areas you've already done. Be sure to paint in the direction of the siding.

When the siding is dry, paint the windows, siding trim and doors.

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