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Go Bold With A Black Accent Wall

With so many interior decorating ideas out there, it can be hard to choose one that suits your personal tastes while keeping up with modern trends. Introduce yourself to the hip new decorating technique—the black accent wall. Black is the new neutral, it goes with everything, and it will help your room pop like never before. An accent wall is the perfect way to dip into the bold impact of black paint color without letting it overpower your room. When placed and accessorized properly, a dark accent wall can give any home a trendy, modern edge.

How To Use Black Paint For An Accent Wall In Your Home

When thinking of something as bold as a black accent wall, location is your key to success. The first important step in picking the right setting for your bold accent wall is to choose the spot in your home with the most desirable light level. Since a black paint color naturally gives a visual weight to the area around it, you’ll want to make sure that you balance it out with plenty of light. The best option would be to pick a wall in an open area with natural lighting to keep things airy. A wall either facing or adjacent to a window that brings in lots of sunlight is a great choice. If you’ve got a different area of the house in mind, make sure you use a strong lighting element to balance things out. Track lighting and large chandeliers are both good options. 

How To Paint A Black Accent Wall

How To Paint An Accent Wall

After picking which surface you want to use for your accent wall, the next step is choosing from the paint sheens that are available. There are several options to consider, such as matte, satin, and glossy finish. Each can put a different spin on your wall, providing either a soft texture or a shiny surface that will reflect light. After picking your paint and a good primer, tape off the edges of your accent wall and get started! Be sure to apply more than one coat of paint to make sure that the wall is evenly covered. Any black paint colors should be applied thoroughly to make sure that you don’t get any unwanted pale spots or streaks. If texture is what you want, then stencils or stripes of another dark shade or contrasting finish (think of stenciling glossy black over matte black) could provide the exact type of visual interest you’re looking for. 

How To Paint A Black Accent Wall

How To Accessorize And Decorate Around An Accent Wall

The next step after painting your accent wall is complementing it with the proper decorative elements. When accessorizing your trendy black wall, opt for bright or light-colored decorations that will pop against the dark background. Bright colors like blue and green (especially the lighter tints) will make a bold, beautiful statement against the black background and take full artistic advantage of your hip new paint job. White or ivory curtains, vases, or furniture will also stand out and shine against your dark accent wall and tie the room together. 

How To Paint A Black Accent Wall

Just Go For It

Painting a room a black paint color might seem intimidating at first, but taking a bold step and painting a black accent wall can certainly pay off. Opting to paint an accent wall black is a great, trendy way to modernize your home and exhibit a definitive style. Black is most definitely the new neutral, and it goes with everything. Black paint colors are versatile, going from deep, dark black to a smoky, dark gray so you can always find one that works with your home.

Explore your daring side by trying out a dark accent wall in your home; it can make any house feel hip, stylish, and inspiring. The appeal of your living space will reach a whole new level as you treat yourself to the black wall trend and give your home the extra pop that it needs.


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