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In Neutral Territory: Kitchen Wall Colors With Cherry Cabinetry

QUESTION: Hi! I have a kitchen with medium dark cherry cabinets and I'm having a hard time figuring out what paint color goes best with it. My kitchen is also connected to my family room without any division so I'm not sure if I'm going to paint my kitchen and family room the same color. My kitchen has a window pane on one side adjacent to my sink and a glass sliding back door and my family room has 3 windows. All the windows and door are facing my backyard and has a pretty substantial light during the day. Please help!

ANSWER: I’ve got a pretty easy solution for you that will yield great results. As you described, in an open floor plan, with no division, you should paint both areas the same color. My advice would be to pull a color from your countertops, I’m assuming they are possible granite and earth tones or either warm gray tones. Your countertops are a fixed element in the space and can’t go wrong repeating a color that already works. Glidden’s WhirlwindToasted Almond or Water Chestnut would be great colors to experiment with. Remember to test out paint colors before painting an entire area. With a neutral base, you are free to introduce as much color as you like via rugs, upholstery, artwork, and window treatment.

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