Redecorating a Room in 3 Easy Steps - Room Redecorating Tips - Home Decorating & Painting Advice

Redecorating a Room in 3 Easy Steps - Room Redecorating Tips

Do you get overwhelmed when the time comes to make decisions and start your DIY project?  Blogger Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room gives Glidden® three simple steps to move you from dreaming about your room to living in your dream room.

Where to Start?

One of the most common questions I get from readers of my blog is “I don’t know where to start with redecorating a room!” It is so easy to get paralyzed by all the details and options, isn’t it? Getting started is often the hardest part. 


To jump-start any home decorating project, I begin by pouring over inspiration photos to come up with a few that represent the look I’m going for. In the photos, I look for things like color schemes that appeal to me, patterns of fabric and design styles that make sense for my home. Then as I am working on my own project, I have some ideas to refer back to. 

But where do I go from there? How do I get started? 

Here is my simplified three-step process for redecorating a room

Step 1 - Furniture

Start with the big items. If you already own sofas, chairs and rugs that you like or need to keep, you are way ahead of the game and you can move on to step two! If you don’t have those main pieces yet, that is always where I would start. You can start choosing big pieces you love or recovering and repainting furniture you want to use.

Many people begin a room design by painting the walls a color they love, but unless I know I’m going with all white furniture and a very soft simple color palette, I prefer to choose paint colors after I know what furniture I am going to use. With this method, I am freer to enjoy discovering furniture I love and not be restricted by wall colors that might limit my furniture choices. 

Step 2 - Wall Paint Colors

After the big furniture items are chosen, it is time to choose the wall colors. One way to choose wall paint is to select one item as your jumping off point for color. Perhaps you love the colors in one of your rugs or furnishings. Let that piece be the “common denominator” for your wall color choices. If you choose a pretty wall color that “goes” with what you have (as opposed to worrying about “matching”), you can pull a room together even with disjointed colors and styles in furniture.

Your walls are the biggest visual area in a room so if the wall colors are complementary to your furniture, you can transform how the room feels even without expensive new pieces! If you have furniture you love, choose wall colors as the backdrop for your furniture without overwhelming and distracting from it. 

Step 3 - Accessories

Lastly, add accessories as the finishing touch. This is the step most of us are drawn to too early in the process of redecorating. We nickel and dime our budget on too many random accessories and still are unhappy with our style.

I suggest you save up for the right furniture and wall paint before you buy accessories. If you do not love your room without the accessories, you probably will sense something is wrong even when you add accessories you love.

Set a goal to love how your room looks without accessories and once you achieve that, start adding in the right finishing touches to take your room from wow to AMAZING. 

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