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Tips For Painting Windows, Doors, And Trim

Glidden Team:
Are there any tricks to painting windows, doors, and trim?

Associate Director of R&D and PPG Paint Specialist: 
Generally speaking, we recommend using more delicate strokes with less paint on the brush when painting any kind of trim or details. Specific to each of those surfaces:


  • Mask off the glass panes.
  • Use a small trim brush to paint the dividers from top to bottom.
  • Paint the window surround areas next.
  • Then use an angled trim brush to paint the face trim around the window.
  • A razor blade works great to remove any paint left on the glass.

Siding Trim

  • Paint trim from the top down.
  • Use the largest brush that fits the trim you're painting.
  • Take care that paint doesn't "glob" or drip as you work in crevices and joints.


  • If the door has raised inset panels, paint those first.
  • Then paint the door surface surrounding the panels.
Glidden Trim & Door Paint is great for these projects to limit the appearance of brush strokes, especially when using a higher gloss product.

As always, please refer to the Product Label, Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet for safety and detailed application instructions.

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