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House Paint - Great Paint For Your Home

We all want to live in clean, comfortable surroundings. Giving thought to paint color is not something that many of us do on a daily basis, but the science behind color and how it impacts us emotionally and socially does warrant some wise choices regarding painting our surroundings. Read on to see what house paint colors are all the rage these days, as well as what type of house paint to use to make any corner of your home shine with personality and vibrance.

House Paint Colors - The Importance of Selecting Paint Color for Your Home

When it comes to choosing house paint colors, the significance of color selection becomes apparent the minute you apply it to your wall.

Color can attract your attention and change your mood. A color gives off a vibe, communicates something to those who behold it, and it expresses a bit of your personality. Choosing the perfect color is an exercise in vibrant expression of who you are and where you are going.

Color is one of the first things that you notice when you walk into a room. The colors that you select and the manner in which you apply them say something about you and your style preferences. Color can influence the energy of a space and how it is used.

Color sets a mood. There is a reason that most bedrooms are not painted vibrant red. Similarly, staying away from black in a kitchen is generally a good idea when trying to improve digestion. A little science behind color application and mood is worthy of study, as you'll be setting the tone for the use of space and its attraction for specific activities.

House Paint Colors - Trending Colors

Choosing paint colors for your home just got a bit easier with these trendy and beautiful colors that are designed to brighten up even the most drab living space. Whether it's a total overhaul or a mere spruce up, consider freshening up your space with these colorful options.

House Paint Colors - Onyx

Believe it or not, black is an "in" color these days. Most often used as an accent wall or to highlight certain areas of your space, it makes other colors pop and brings depth to a living room, bathroom, or bedroom. Have trouble sleeping? Consider using Onyx on the wall opposite your bed----it sends a psychological signal that your room is for rest and relaxation; you'll drift off to sleep in no time.

House Paint Colors - Wayward Wind

This wistful yellow adds an element of whimsical cheer to an entryway, a breakfast nook, or any place that needs a little sunshine. Wayward Wind is regarded as warm and bright, and it presents an inviting feeling to all who enter your cheerful space. Warm up and inspire feelings of goodwill in a living room, a porch, or any space that you wish to infuse energy.

House Paint Colors - Cinnamon Brandy

Cinnamon Brandy is a  soft and spicy interior house paint that is perfect for family rooms, offices, and master bedrooms. Perfect with dark leather and white trim, it adds class and sophistication to any room and blends perfectly with other earthy and warm tones.

House Paint Colors - Babbling Brook

A member of the blue hues, Babbling Brook has teal and grey hues that are perfect for a bedroom, bathroom, or outdoor garden vista. Cool blue hues pair well with neutral linens, colorful accents, and classic furniture to create a calm and elegant atmosphere. Crisp, beautiful blue hues communicate efficiency, calm elegance, and sophistication that few other hues do.

House Paint Colors - Breathe New Life Into Your Space With Fresh Paint

Revitalizing your home is as simple as putting fresh new paint in areas that need new life and vibrancy. Once you understand a bit about the science of color and its application, choosing paint color for your home will be a fun and exciting process. Visit your local hardware store or home interior store for inspirational ideas on how to turn your home from drab to fab with fantastic color! 

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