Glidden® Master Finish All Surface Paint + Primer - Satin


12 oz/340 g (EA)



Professional Painter

Product Details

GLIDDEN® MASTER FINISH All Surface satin spray paint is an interior/exterior paint + primer* spray paint with revolutionary technology that provides exceptional coverage. It provides an ultra-durable finish on a wide range of surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, glass, and more. Glidden Master Finish has a unique spray pattern for a broader, smoother finish. It covers surfaces with fewer spray passes than a traditional conical-shaped spray pattern and dries within 5 minutes. Its flawless, durable finish allows you to take on your indoor and outdoor projects with confidence.


  • Revolutionary spray paint technology that provides excellent coverage
  • Flawless, durable finish
  • Dries within 5 minutes for less time between coats
  • No drips or streaks
*Multiple coats may be required

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Code Sizes Download
GSP1012 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1013 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1014 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1015 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1016 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1017 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1018 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1019 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1022 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1023 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1024 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1025 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1026 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1027 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1028 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1029 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1030 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1031 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1032 12 oz/340 g (EA)
GSP1033 12 oz/340 g (EA)