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The Best Exterior Paint Color Schemes

Selecting the right color palette for your home's exterior isn't just about the surfaces you are painting and staining. It's about the total look.

For the perfect color combination that will give your home a stunning appearance, consider the shades of all existing elements, including the natural and rich hues found in brick, stone and grout.

Choose colors that match

Start by creating your "permanent color palette" with the colors of your exterior that will not change and will always be represented in your home's exterior design.
These shades can be found in existing:

  • brick
  • stone
  • grout

Then, pair your "permanent color palette" chips with the color chips you are considering for your base, trim and accent areas. Together, this makes up your "comprehensive color palette." Looking at all of these colors together will ensure that your exterior elements work together in harmony.

Best Exterior Paint Colors

Mix dominant and accent colors

Choose your dominant color from your "comprehensive color palette." This color tends to be used heavily and may come from a hue in your stone or brick, especially if those materials dominate your exterior façade. Be sure to reference your dominant color when selecting accent shades for your exterior elements.

Your accent colors can come from many areas, like grout, roof tiles or shutters. By factoring the colors of your permanent exterior elements into your color palette, you can achieve a harmonious and beautiful designer-look for your home.

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