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Primer Paint - What Is It?

When it comes time to paint you are often recommended that you use Primer or a Primer Paint. But what is it? Why do you need Primer when you are going to paint? Read on to learn more about what Primer is and why Primer Paint is an important part of your next remodeling or painting project.

What Is Primer Paint?

Primer Paint, also just known as Primer, is different from the actual colored house paint you put on your walls as it is made of a different set of materials. Resins, the chemicals that make up Primer Paint, help create a layer on your walls that allows paint to adhere better and covered up old paint colors better than just applying the paint directly to the wall itself.

How To Use Primer Paint?

To use Primer Paint in your next painting project follow the instructions below:

Step 1 - First, wipe down all of the walls of your room so there are no bits of dust, dirt, or bits of tape/adhesive left behind that could leave marks when you cover them with paint. Additionally if you have any large holes, plug them with the appropriate material and allow it to dry before primering the walls.

Step 2 - Get a good quality Primer or Primer Paint and make sure it is properly mixed. Apply it to all of the surfaces of the room that you expect to paint. Make sure you have taped off any surfaces you do not want paint on!

Step 3 - Allow your Primer Paint to full dry before moving on to a new coat of paint. If you're not ready to choose a color of paint yet, thats fine! You can always prime your walls in advance of finding the right color.

Now that you know what Primer Paint is and how to use it, click the link below to purchase Primer Paint at a location near you!


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