Glidden® High Endurance® Plus Interior Paint + Primer


Quart/946 mL (04), Gallon/3.78 L (01)


Flat, Eggshell, Semi Gloss, Semi-Gloss

Professional Painter

Product Details

Glidden® High Endurance® Plus Interior Paint + Primer is a high quality, interior paint and primer in one, offered at an exceptional price. This low odor, Zero VOC* paint provides outstanding hide and coverage and is highly scrubbable, washable and stain resistant, making it a great choice for any interior paint project.


  • This interior paint has outstanding hide & coverage
  • This paint is highly scrubbable, washable & stain resistant
  • Low odor paint - great for interior painting projects
Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on paint color choice.

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Code Finish Base Sizes Download
7601GEP Flat WHITE & PASTEL BASE Quart/946 mL (04)
7603GEP Flat Neutral/Ultradeep/Accent/Clear Quart/946 mL (04)
7801GEP Eggshell Light Base Gallon/3.78 L (01)
7802GEP Eggshell Midtone/Intermediate Base Gallon/3.78 L (01)
7803GEP Eggshell Neutral/Ultradeep/Accent/Clear Gallon/3.78 L (01)
7901GEP Semi Gloss Light Base Gallon/3.78 L (01)
7901GEP Semi-Gloss WHITE & PASTEL BASE Quart/946 mL (04)
7902GEP Semi Gloss Midtone/Intermediate Base Gallon/3.78 L (01)
7902GEP Semi-Gloss MIDTONE/INTERMEDIATE BASE Quart/946 mL (04)
7903GEP Semi Gloss Neutral/Ultradeep/Accent/Clear Gallon/3.78 L (01)
7903GEP Semi-Gloss Neutral/Ultradeep/Accent/Clear Quart/946 mL (04)