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Ceiling Paint - How To Use It

Painting a ceiling is an easy and affordable way to refresh a room with just a can of paint. Ceiling paint is made specifically for the space it is painted in, so you dont have to worry about the nuances of sheen or finish. To get great information on how to use ceiling paint for your room, read on. To buy ceiling paint online, click the link below.

Ceiling Paint Tips

Staying Safe With White - You can choose to paint both the walls and ceiling the same color. This reduces your risk of a poor ceiling paint color mismatch when painting a ceiling, and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you mess up along the border between the ceiling and the wall.

Bold Beautiful Ceilings - You could take a bigger risk and choose a different ceiling paint color. The ceiling color can be a bold contrast to the wall colors. Work with a professional to pick the right color and gather some tips on how to paint a ceiling.

Prepping To Use Ceiling Paint

These ceiling paint tips are recommended prior to beginning the paint job on your ceiling:

Ceiling Paint Prep Step 1 - Make sure that you patch every little hole in your ceiling to clear out any imperfections.

Ceiling Paint Prep Step 2 - Remove as many things as possible from your space, or go ahead and cover large items if that is not possible.

Ceiling Paint - How to Paint a Ceiling

Now that you are ready to use ceiling paint, here are the steps to follow to paint your ceiling the right way: 

Ceiling Paint Step 1 - Use painters tape or something like a primer tape to mark off the borders of the ceiling and the edge where it hits the walls.

Ceiling Paint Step 2 - Dip the roller in the ceiling paint, and start applying ceiling paint starting from one side of the room to the other side with an even application. The application should be in just one straight line so you do not get excessive marks in your ceiling paint.

Ceiling Paint Step 3 - Once you have completed one line across the width of the room with the ceiling paint, create a parallel line adjacent it to it.

Ceiling Paint Step 4 - Continue the process until you have completely covered the ceiling in paint.

Ceiling Paint Step 5 - Ceiling painting advice from experts usually recommend applying a second coat of ceiling paint  using the same approach.

Ceiling Paint's Effect

If experimenting with various ceiling paint colors, you may decide to go with a lighter color. Lighter paint colors applied to the ceiling will actually create the illusion of a larger space. You can create a larger space in the same manner by applying the same wall color to the ceiling. Or, you can take your ceiling to new heights by adding crown molding, decorative art or a creative light fixture.
Painting the ceiling in a room is a quick way to transform any room in your home. It's a simple enough process and doesn't require a lot of time. Follow these ceiling painting tips to make sure that your project is a success.

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