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Creative Ideas For Choosing Living Room Paint Colors


There’s no question that paint can completely change the feel of a room. But did you know that the way you apply paint can change the room as well? It absolutely can! Using the Glidden paint Room Visualizer, we’re put together some different living room paint schemes—so you can see what a difference paint can really make.

Let’s start with a grouping of neutral, complementary paint colors. Here we are looking at Ghost WriterCoronation and Bark.

The first inclination would be to use Ghost Writer on the walls, Coronation on the trim and Bark as an accent color. But what if we put Bark on the ceiling instead?

Living Room Paint Colors
Lovely and classic, right? Let’s see what happens if we flip this around and use Bark on the walls and Ghost Writer on the ceiling.

Living Room Paint Colors
This living room paint scheme is also lovely and classic, but has a more moody feel than the first room.

What if we wanted more of a modern feel? Let’s flip it again and use Coronation on the walls, Ghost Writer on the trim and Bark on the ceiling.

Living Room Paint Colors
Way more modern, right? And we’ve used the same three colors in each room.

Let’s see how this works in another room with a different set of colors. For the next grouping, let’s try  a set of colors with cool tones: Aqua Blue, Little Dipper and Cuppa Coffee.

Your first thought might be  to try a room with Aqua Blue on the walls, Cuppa Coffee as an accent color and Little Dipper on the trim. Here is how that looks:

Living Room Paint Colors
This combination of colors makes a room with traditional trim look more contemporary. What if we swapped the wall and accent colors?

Living Room Paint Colors
With Aqua Blue below the chair rail, this room gets a little unique punch. Let’s flip it all again and use Little Dipper on the walls and Cuppa Coffee on the trim.

Living Room Paint Colors
Isn’t that unexpected? All three of these living room paint schemes are gorgeous.

Want to try it again? Let’s look at some warmer colors: Star Bright, Snow Storm and Gray Heron.

The first application of these colors is a bright and cheery combination, with Star Bright on the walls, Snow Storm as an accent color and Gray Heron on the ceiling.

Living Room Paint Colors
Although the ceiling is a small portion of this picture, the Greycliffe tones down the yellow on the walls.
If we swap the wall color with the ceiling color, we get a much moodier room.

Living Room Paint Colors
We can also emphasize the fireplace with color. How about Snow Storm on the ceiling, Star Bright on the walls and Gray Heron as an accent color?

Living Room Paint Colors
It’s a totally different look, isn’t it?

The lesson here is to think creatively when applying colors to your room. Even with living room paint schemes using three colors, there’s a multitude of ways to use them in your space. If you want to visualize colors in your own room, upload an image to the Room Visualizer and play around. You’ll be able to see your room in different paint schemes—before you even open a can of paint.

What is your favorite color application in the images above?

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