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One Of Our Best Blue Colors: Chinese Porcelain

Blue is almost everyone's favorite color and it’s the next most popular paint color family chosen, behind neutrals, making it one of the easiest colors to pick for a paint project. 


Why Blue?

  • Your mom likes blue
  • Your dad likes blue
  • Your entire family likes blue (well…at least a cousin…probably)
  • Everybody likes blue.  (Well…for almost everybody…it’s their favorite color!)

Chinese Porcelain, a rich and traditional blue, provides the perfect backdrop for vibrant colors to pop!  

Chinese Porcelain looks great as the feature color in a room. Pair with crisp white décor or trim to provide a sharp and exciting contrast.

Chinese Porcelain also works very well as a neutral foyer color. Pair this blue with gold accents, when tackling your entryway in your next paint project.

Picking a paint color can be hard. Luckily, Glidden® is making color choice less complicated. Remember, (almost) everybody loves blue, so consider Chinese Porcelain for your next paint project.

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