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10 Easy Weekend Paint Projects For Your Home

Do you have plans for the weekend? While it’s nice to have time off to enjoy with our family and friends, for many of us the best time to catch up on home improvement is on the weekend.

Trying something new on the weekend can be an enjoyable way to enhance your life and even learn a new skill. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged if you try to tackle a project that’s too big or complicated to complete in a weekend, so find a simple paint project that can be finished up and enjoyed in a short period of time. You might even want to invite your family and friends to work on a fun weekend project with you!

Here is a round up of ten easy weekend projects I’ve completed around my home.

1. Plant a 5 minute garden
2. Paint and redecorate a powder room
3. Make a cozy spot outside with an easy DIY firepit
4. Paint and stain a piece of furniture
5. Refresh a bookcase with paper
6. Give your fridge a little personality with a framed chalkboard for notes or doodles
7. Embellish a pillow
8. Paint your own watercolor napkins for a party
9. Make your own lamp
10. Paint an old pallet for privacy and a unique garden

Hopefully one of these projects will inspire you to try something new this weekend!

What are your favorite weekend projects?

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